George Boole – The Man, Boole Family – The People

The purpose of this project is to delve into the remarkable life of George Boole and to tell the interesting and compelling story of his life and those of his children and his children’s children.

It is no exaggeration to say that George and Mary Boole produced a family of exceptional individuals.  Even among the third and fourth generations of their descendants, there are to be found an exceptionally large number of men and women who have contributed significantly to twentieth-century science and learning.

What is the George Boole 200 Family Project?

The project was originally intended to provide a comprehensive family tree for George Boole leading up to the present day. However, a family tree on its own does not tell the stories of the notable lives and accomplishments of the people described. So it was decided to extend the scope of the project to include the stories of 30 key Boole family members.  

Other outcomes of the project will include:

  • A rich source of new information which will be used to bring George Boole to life in an innovative way.  
  • Added value to the existing archive in the Boole Archives in UCC.
  • Promoting a better understanding of the man and his descendants, which will inspire further research and innovation in UCC.
  • Seminars on George Boole and his family as part of the George Boole 200 programme of events.
  • The publication of a comprehensive, high-quality pocket book which will include narratives around the people who make up George Boole’s family and intriguing characters associated with the family. 
  • An animated visual display of George Boole’s descendants with timeline.

George Boole 200 Family Project Team

Olivia Frawley (Project Manager) is a native of Cork and has studied project management as part of her BA Business Studies in Management. Olivia currently works in the International Office, UCC. 

Lorna Moloney (Professional  Genealogist) is the summer school coordinator of Ancestral Connections, Names, Places and Spaces, an internationally recognised genealogy school which is now in its third year for 2015. Lorna is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the Society of Genealogists (UK). Adult Continuing Education (ACE), University College Cork. ACE is proud to support Lorna Moloney, a member of the ACE team.


UCC greatly and gratefully acknowledges the support of David Giltinan in enabling the project, George Boole - The Man, Boole Family - The People